EarthCache, powered by SkyWatch, is the easiest way for ArcGIS users to access satellite imagery from the world's leading data providers.

With the EarthCache Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, EarthCache users can unlock the power of satellite imagery, directly in ArcGIS. The add-in enables you to:

  • Bring multiple data types and sources, including Planet and Airbus datasets, into your ArcGIS workflows.

  • Access the robust EarthCache archive, or task new images, without leaving ArcGIS.

  • Access free, low-resolution imagery from leading open sources.

  • Minimize costs with SkyWatch's transparent, pay-as-you-use pricing.

  • Leverage all the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro, including imagery analysis, comparison, and visualizations.

  • Using your Esri Suite, publish directly in ArcGIS Online or easily save your data where you need it for your analytical and sharing needs

How to get started

  1. Download and install the latest version (1.18) of EarthCache Add-In for ArcGIS 3.0 and above, from here.

    • To download the EarthCache Add-In for ArcGIS 2.9, see here

  2. Request an EarthCache account through this form.

  3. Activate your account through the link in your email and create password.

  4. Use your new EarthCache* login to sign in to your EarthCache for ArcGIS Add-In.

    • EarthCache Add-In for ArcGIS Pro 2.9 requires downloading Webview2 separately. See Installation for instructions on how to do this.

  5. Start searching for and ordering data!

*If you need to access or manage your payment information, you can do so through EarthCache Console and manage your payment information through the "Account" page.

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