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Release 1.0.0

Release Date - May 30, 2023

Known Issues:

Observed Behavior
What's the solution or workaround?
Adding AOI as a feature layer to map or zooming to it from the Order Dashboard doesn't show the feature on the map.
Before ordering new imagery and drawing your own AOI, it is highly recommended that you save and close out any editing sessions you are currently performing on vector data, as this tool will automatically save any open edit sessions.
Drawing an AOI using the AddIn's Draw tool, and then drawing another AOI that's much larger will produce a bug where the 2nd AOI doesn't appear on the map
Remove the EarthCache User AOI Layer from the Table of Contents and from the default Geodatabase. Then, draw the AOI again on the map.
There's no way to edit or deactivate existing pipelines in ArcGIS Pro
Visit in your browser to perform these actions
Attempting to log in to the AddIn either does nothing or crashes ArcGIS Pro
Your organization likely has a firewall that restricts external URLs. Please visit System Requirements to see the list of URLs to whitelist.
Note: If you're experiencing any other issues, please delete the Add-in from ArcGIS Pro and download and reinstall from ArcGIS Marketplace