Order Dashboard

Easily view and edit your pipelines and orders on the Order Dashboard

To access the Order Dashboard, click on the "My Orders" button in the EarthCache ribbon

The Order Dashboard will open to the left of the active Map.

Filter Pipelines in Order Dashboard

You can filter the pipelines that appear in your Order Dashboard by clicking the dropdown at the top of Dashboard and selecting the category to filter by, and then typing in a keyword to start the filter. You can filter by Name, Pipeline ID, Status and Tags.

Each row in the Dashboard represents an imagery pipeline in your account, created from Search or Order. Click on a row and you can see the results for the pipeline.

The results for a pipeline are categorized according to interval dates, status, created date, number of results, lowest and highest resolution. Click on a result and the row expands to show details for the result.

You can click on "Quick View" to download the preview image file and view it in your active Map.

Click on "Analytic Data" to download the imagery .tif file and view it in your active Map.

Click on "Open in Explorer" to download the metadata JSON file and open the location in Windows Explorer.

Once files for the result finish downloading, a message will appear at the top-right of your ArcGIS Pro window. A green box will appear around the download icon for all downloaded files from this session.

Each imagery pipeline in your Dashboard is categorized according to status, name, created date, ID, interval, start and end dates and tags. Click on the column name headers to sort the table with the selected field.

Controls for Pipelines

Each imagery pipeline has control buttons for actions you can perform to the pipeline to make it easier to visualize or organize

Warning: Once deleted, this pipeline cannot be retrieved again

Bulk Download

Instead of selecting results one by one to download, you can click on checkboxes next to each row and add it to Bulk Download.

Click the "Bulk Download" button at the bottom-left corner to start, and you'll be prompted with a similar message as follows:

Click "Yes" to continue. You will see a Bulk Download window open and download the files. Do not close this window, as it will terminate all pending downloads.

Layers downloaded using Bulk Download will not be added on-the-fly to Table of Contents in ArcGIS Pro. To add this data yourself, visit your EarthCache download directory and add the data to map. To view or edit the location of your EarthCache download directory, visit here.

Upload Imagery to Cloud

If you've configured Cloud Storage in EarthCache, you will see a button in the Quick View, Analytic Data and Metadata columns to upload your data to your selected S3 bucket or Azure Blob Storage container. Click this button to start the upload process. You will receive a message in ArcGIS Pro upon completion of this task. You should now see the data in your selected cloud storage account.

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