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AOI Minimum Requirements

Your Area of Interest polygon must meet certain requirements before it can be used with Search Imagery or Order Imagery
All input Areas of Interest (AOI) must the following criteria:
  1. 1.
    Feature must be a polygon in a shapefile or feature class. Features in other file formats will not be accepted!
  2. 2.
    Feature must contain less than 500 vertices
  3. 3.
    Must be single part features
  4. 4.
    Feature cannot contain holes/donuts
  5. 5.
    Must be valid geometries - contain no self-intersecting features
The size requirements for your input AOI when Searching the Archive are as follows:
  • Low Resolution: 1km² - 10,000km²
  • Medium Resolution: 1km² - 500km²
  • High Resolution: 1km² - 50km²
  • Very High Resolution: 1km² - 50km²
When creating a new pipeline by Ordering Imagery, if Tasking is turned on, the following requirements and conditions apply:
  • High Resolution: 25km² - 50km²
  • Very High Resolution: 25km² - 50km²
  • If Tasking is turned on, areas less than 25km² can be submitted, but will be charged at 25km². It is recommended to buffer to 25km² to maximize value.